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Kenmore Dishwasher Filter Removal

Jule Pamplin

Kenmore manufactures a variety of dishwashers for home use. Each of the models are equipped with a filtration system to capture debris during the wash and rinse cycles. Failure to adequately filter during the process can lead to dirty dishes after the washing has been completed. Kenmore recommends that you regularly monitor the filters and clean them often. To thoroughly clean the filters you will first need to access and remove them.

Begin: Access the filter

Open the front door of the dishwasher or pull the drawer open, depending on model. Pull the bottom dish rack as far from the inside of the dishwasher as possible.

The Coarse Filter Cup

Locate the coarse filter cup. The coarse filter cup is responsible for capturing larger debris before it is filtered by the mesh filter screen. Twist the small cap on top of the filter cup counterclockwise. Lift the filter from the bottom of the Kenmore dishwasher.

Mesh Screen Filter

Look for the rectangular opening on the bottom of the inside of the dishwasher. The mesh filter is concealed beneath the small panel. Remove the screws around the perimeter of the panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the panel and pull the screen from the opening.

Careful Cleaning

Clean the mesh filter with water and detergent but do not scrub the screen. The fine mesh can be damaged or worn thin by coarse cleaners.