How to Remove the Fine Filter on an Asko Model D3121 Dishwasher

Your Asko dishwasher model D3121 uses three filters in the bottom of the washtub to keep food particles and debris from entering the pump and damaging the appliance.
Over time, debris can build up inside the filter and cause debris to redeposit onto your dishes. Clogged filters can also cause water to stand in the bottom of the washtub. The design of the filters allows you to remove them without any tools other than your fingers. Asko recommends cleaning your filters once every 12 to 18 months to ensure they remain free of any chemical and debris buildup. .

Step 1

Open the Asko dishwasher and slide the bottom dish rack from the tub to expose the bottom of the appliance.

Step 2

Look for the filters in the floor of the wash tub between the door and the spray arm. The Asko dishwasher has three filters: a coarse filter located in the center of the large, oval-shaped main filter and a fine filter beneath the coarse filter.

Step 3

Look for the two tabs along the edge of the center coarse filter. Use your fingers to squeeze the two tabs toward the center of the filter and lift it from the bottom of the wash tub to expose the fine filter.

Step 4

Rotate the fine filter counterclockwise and lift it from the bottom of the dishwasher.

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