How to Adjust the Pressure Switch on a Sta-rite Water Well Pump

Bob White

Sta-rite has been manufacturing water pumps since 1934. These pumps are used to move water from the well to the faucet in residential applications. The pump is turned on and off by a built-in pressure switch that determines the water pressure in the pipes and cycles the pump to maintain a preset pressure level. Sta-rite pressure switches com set from the factory for a 30/50 PSI on/off setting. Adjusting this setting is done by turning a bolt.

A Sta-rite pressure switch maintains the water pressure in the kitchen faucet.

Step 1

Use the wrench to turn the bolt that fastens the cover on the switch counterclockwise, and pull off the cover. This is the only bolt on top of the cover.

Step 2

Turn the large bolt clockwise to increase the pressure. The pressure adjustment mechanism is the large bolt located inside the pressure switch with a spring underneath it. For each complete turn, the pressure is adjusted in 2.5 PSI increments.

Step 3

Turn the large bolt counterclockwise to reduce the pressure.

Step 4

Place the cover back on the switch, and tighten the bolt to secure it.