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How to Clean a GE Water Softener

Melissa Rae

GE water softeners remove minerals such as calcium, clear-water iron and magnesium from hard water. Iron deposits can build up in the resin bed as water flows through the system. Clean your GE water softener at least twice a year or more often if necessary.

Step 1

Lift the lid on top of the water softener and locate the brine well. This is a tube that sticks out above the salt line.

Step 2

Mix 1 cup of resin bed cleaner and 1/2 gallon of cold water in the bucket. For maintenance cleans, mix only 1/4 cup cleaner with the same amount of water.

Step 3

Pour the cleaner into the brine well. Manually regenerate the water softener using the electronic control system, or wait for it to regenerate automatically. GE brand water softeners regenerate automatically every three days at 2 a.m.

Step 4

Taste or smell some cold tap water. If it has an off-odor, regenerate the water softener again.