How to Troubleshoot RainSoft

Percila Jackson

RainSoft is a company that produces house water and air treatment and filtration systems. Problems sometimes occur with RainSoft water treatment systems, such as low water pressure, the filter failing to automatically regenerate and the system regenerating at the wrong time.

RainSoft produces water treatment and filtration systems for homes.

On the QRS Series water treatment system, the bypass valve allows you to bypass the system in emergency situations and for service calls.

  1. Bypass your system to confirm the problem if your water pressure is low on a RainSoft QRS Series water treatment system. Set the bypass valve on your RainSoft system by moving the bypass valve handles to their bypass position. Make sure the bypass valve handles are perpendicular to the pipes. If the problem is not resolved after bypass, it is not related to your RainSoft equipment. Have the water distribution system checked. If your problem is resolved after bypass, call your RainSoft dealer for service at 800-860-7638 or find the location and name of the nearest authorized dealer by logging on to the RainSoft website (see Resources).

  2. Connect to a constant power source if the filter does not automatically regenerate on a RainSoft Silver Series water filtration system. Push in the right day pins if the day pins are not depressed properly.

  3. Reset the hour or time of day of regeneration if the timer is not set properly and your system regenerates at the wrong time. Pull out the "24 Hour Time Dial" and rotate it until the Current Time of Day Pointer is lined up with the corresponding hour on the dial . Reset the time of day if, due to daylight savings, the time is off.