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How to Clean Gunk From Razor Blades

Mimi Bullock
A luxurious shaving cream is good for the skin but bad for razors.

A fresh razor blade whisks away the hair with a flick of the wrist, but after a few shaves you may notice that shiny blade is dull, mainly due to an accumulation of gunk. This blade-dulling gunk is a combination of dead skin cells, hair and shaving products such as soap or gel. You can prolong the life of a disposable razor by removing the debris; however, razor blades, even dull ones, can easily cut you so use caution when cleaning them.

Step 1

Hold the razor at a 90 degree angle under a strong stream of warm water. Do this several times, turning the razor to wash away hairs from both ends.

Step 2

Tap the razor head on the side of the sink to knock out debris. Don't tap too forcefully; you don't want to break the razor head.

Step 3

Allow the razor to dry. Brush the razor with a razor brush tool. This tool has a handle with a short-bristled tip that you can use to sweep between the razor blades.

Step 4

Dip a dry, folded washcloth in alcohol. Rub the damp area across the blades of the dry razor. This will remove any gunk left behind and sterilize the blades.


Limit gunk build up by rinsing your razor after three or four whisks. If you allow the razor to dry with gunk in the blades, it will be more difficult to remove.


Do not attempt to remove gunk with your fingertips.