What Supplies Do I Need for Drywall Installation?

Installing drywall is usually one of the last steps in finishing a room after construction is completed. Drywall is the finished surface of a wall that you see before a room is painted. Installing drywall can be difficult because of the fragility of the sheetrock, but the process itself is not complicated and does not require the purchase of an excessive amount of supplies.


Drywall, or sheetrock, is the first thing you need to buy. It is available in sheets of approximately 4 by 8 feet. You need to buy enough to cover an entire room, plus a little extra to allow for mistakes.

Hammer and Nails

You need a hammer and finishing nails, or a nail gun, to attach the sheets of drywall to the wall studs.

Drywall Tape

Drywall tape is a webbed tape that is applied over the seams between sheets of drywall.

Drywall Compound and Trowel

Drywall compound, or drywall "mud," should be spread evenly over the taped seams with a trowel and smoothed completely flat to hide the seams between sheets of drywall.

Saw or Blade

In order to cut sections of drywall to fit your particular space, you can use either a scoring blade, a circular saw or a drywall saw.