Sealy Mattress Problems

With modern lifestyles becoming busier and busier, people are realizing the critical importance of a solid night's sleep. Naturally, a quality mattress is a quintessential factor in sleeping soundly. Sealy has been a popular and trusted mattress brand for many years, yet consumers have spoken out about some problems they have with various Sealy models.

Back Problems

Bad backs plague eight out of ten Americans, and oftentimes they attribute back pain to an inadequate mattress. Nearly every Sealy mattress model has some sort of complaint regarding sinking, sagging or indentation which has consequently caused back pain for the consumer. Most often, unhappy consumers complain of Sealy mattresses quickly providing an uneven sleeping surface, particularly by sagging in the middle.

Inspection Costs

If Sealy receives a complaint about one of their mattresses, they charge the buyer $40 to $50 to send an inspector out to measure indentations and thoroughly look over the mattress for defects. Many consumers are dissatisfied that there is an additional cost to fix a problem inherent in the mattress. The alternative to an inspector coming to the buyer's house is for a buyer to take the mattress to a distributor himself, but if the mattress is damaged in any way, it cannot be replaced.

"That's Not What I Bought!"

Another complaint that has surfaced regarding various Sealy mattresses is that people tried and loved a model in the store, and what was delivered to them was not the same or had a difference, such as a pillow top instead of a foam top. Others complain that they tried a Sealy mattress in a hotel or on a cruise, asked for the same one upon arriving home and Sealy misunderstood, charging them for a mattress they did not want.

Customer Service

While there are very few complaints about the stores individually, many buyers feel that Sealy as a whole does not listen to and accommodate the paying customers, particularly when it comes to questions about the warranty, replacing a defective mattress (which usually involves several additional costs to the buyer for pick-up and re-delivery) and listening carefully to the consumer's actual complaint.

Superior Competitors

Though for a while Sealy was the "be all, end all" in mattress fame, other brands using more modern technology (such as the TempurPedic) tend to be superior from a consumer standpoint, even to Sealy's version, the Posturepedic. Numerous buyers are happy with their Posturepedics, but others insist that it still has the same sagging issues as the mattresses with springs.

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