Life Expectancy of Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is becoming popular because of its sustainability.


Its durability, maintenance needs and lifespan are also things to be considered before making a purchase.

Bamboo fencing comes in two types. There is pole fencing, sometimes called cane fencing, and split/woven fencing.


Bamboo is an excellent fencing choice because it is a rapidly renewable resource. This makes it relatively inexpensive as well as green.


Aside from being eco-friendly, bamboo is very stout. It doesn't crumple or bend and withstands weather well. An additional plus is that it does not require any maintenance.


Bamboo fencing comes in panels or rolls that can be formed to any shape and cut to any length, depending on your need. Split/woven fencing is a thinner, smoother fencing than pole/cane fencing.


Split/woven fencing is not as durable as pole/cane fencing. Split/woven fencing will last roughly 10 years, whereas pole/cane fencing can last 20 years. Both fences will last longer if a sealant is applied.


Bamboo fencing needs to be raised off of the ground slightly. If it is in contact with the ground, it is prone to rotting.