What Is the Difference Between a Top-Mount Sink and an Under-Mount Sink?

When choosing a sink for a new kitchen or remodel, there is more than one alternative available.


The two known options are either a top-mount or under-mount sink. Both types have pros and cons. .

A top-mount sink is one that is installed on top of a countertop. A portion of the sink, called a lip, overlaps the countertop to provide a covered edge.


This type of sink is set up below the actual countertop, yielding a smoother finish. There are no extra grooves or crevices that will trap dirt and debris.


An under-mount sinks gives a cleaner look. It allows the countertop selection to be showcased and functions better during cleanup.


Top-mount sinks simply fit into a cutout already made in the countertop, and a faucet can easily be installed afterward. Under-mount sinks require additional support by a brace or frame, because they are positioned underneath the countertop; the placement of a faucet has to be secured underneath as well, hindered by a small amount of working space.


Under-mount sinks tend to be more expensive, because many are custom built. and the labor is much more extensive than a top-mount installation. Under-mount sinks are typically used in kitchens with natural stone countertops; therefore, the cost of granite or marble is likely to be reciprocal in the selection of the sink.

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