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How to Fix Scratches in a Rohl Fireclay Sink

J. Taylor Ludwig

A Rohl fireclay sink is made from natural minerals composed of various clays that are pre-fired and coated with a waterproof solution. The high temperatures produce a luxurious glaze to a clay sink and provide a strong, durable surface.

Since fireclay is highly scratch-resistant, it’s not likely your Rohl fireclay sink will become deeply scratched. If you do get a surface scratch in your Rohl sink, however, which may occur from frequently washing utensils and metal dishware in the sink, you can repair it with a pumice stone.

  1. Put the drain plug in your Rohl fireclay sink, and fill it with about 1/2 inch of water, or just enough to cover the bottom.

  2. Wet the pumice stone completely in the water.

  3. Buff the scratches on the sides of the Rohl sink with the pumice stone, rubbing the stone across the entire scratch and going in the direction of the scratch. Keep buffing in a back-and-forth motion until the scratch is gone.

  4. Pull the drain plug, and drain the water from the sink.

  5. Remove scratches from the bottom of the Rohl sink in the same manner you used the pumice stone in Step 3. Be sure to keep the pumice stone wet.

  6. Tip

    Your pumice stone will wear down quickly when you use it to remove scratches from your Rohl fireclay sink, so be sure to purchase several stones at one time. You must keep the pumice stone sopping wet at all times. If the stone becomes dry, it may cause scratches to your Rohl sink rather than remove them. Avoid washing your metal utensils, pots, pans and dishware in your Rohl fireclay sink. Clean your Rohl sink daily with dishwashing soap and a soft cloth.