Uses for Scrap Treated Wood

Wood is an environmentally sustainable, natural product used for a wide variety of building applications.

What is Treated Wood?

Treated wood contains preservative chemicals as part of the production process, and scrap material should be re-used with care. .

Untreated wood cut from most tree species is subject to attack by insects, fungi and bacteria. Before use, wood is treated with a preservative to guard against these organisms and ensure long-term structural integrity.


Treated wood can be recycled professionally through shredding and chipping. Recycled timber then has secondary uses as animal bedding, compost and landscaping woodchips.


Wood scraps can be reused for further construction, furniture making and crafts. Note that cut ends of the wood expose the preserving chemicals, and should be treated with brush-on treatments available from a timber merchant of hardware store.


Treated timber should not be disposed of at the local landfill, as the preserving chemicals can leech into the soil. Dedicated waste facilities are available. Consult your local authorities.


Treated wood contains environmentally harmful chemicals, which can be released if the timber is burnt. For this reason treated wood scraps should never be used for fires or fuel.

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