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Building Materials Similar to Tyvek

Clare Edwards
Table of Contents

Tyvek is the brand name of a building material from Dupont. It is a type of non-woven membrane commonly known as housewrap or vapor membrane. It is water-resistant but moisture permeable, designed to prevent liquid water from getting into wall cavities but allowing water vapor out to prevent condensation.

Housewraps protect your home from dampness and drafts.

You can find several products with similar applications: breathable membranes like Tyvek, structural panels with membranes built in and various tar felt papers.


Amowrap is a perforated polypropylene membrane coated with a substance called polyolefin. Unlike Tyvek, which is spun bonded, Amowrap is woven. It can be left open to the sun for up to a year, longer than Tyvek's four months, but must not be exposed to sunlight for more than 12 months.


Although it has a similar sounding name to Tyvek, Typar is made by Reemay, Inc. Like Tyvek it is spun-bonded, but the material is polypropylene rather than polyethylene. Typar has a perforated coating. It is a reflective silver color, and the manufacturer states that it may be left exposed indefinitely, rather than needing to be protected from sunlight.


RainDrop is a cross-woven polyolefin housewrap. It features a contoured surface that the manufacturer claims assists with drainage. RainDrop is UV-stable for four months, but should not be exposed to sunlight for longer than this.


R-Wrap is manufactured by Ludlow Coated Products, who also make Barricade, another brand of housewrap. R-Wrap is made from non-woven polyolefin and is not perforated. It has a high permeability rating, meaning that it transmits water vapor very readily.

Alternative Materials

Materials that are not housewraps, but which do a similar job to Tyvek, include wall and roof sheathing panels, and tar felt paper. An example of wall sheathing would be Zip System's products, structural panels which include a built-in layer of water and air resistant membrane. Tar felt paper is a traditional material that was used before the invention of polymer housewraps, and which is still favored by some builders for its absorbency and breathability.