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Can a Travel Trailer Roof Be Coated with Kool Seal to Stop Leaks?

John Cagney Nash

Kool Seal (koolseal.com) is a company that produces paintable, reflective roof-sealing products. Its range includes roof coatings, patching products and a line of budget-minded roofing paints. The Kool Seal line includes elastomeric roof coatings (called Kool Seal Elastomeric Roof Coating) that bond well to metal, foam and aged aluminum substrates, and aluminum roof coatings (called Kool Seal Aluminum Roof Coating) that bond well to metal, modified bitumen and rolled roofing material. This range will coat nearly every sort of travel trailer roof material in common use, and stop leaks.

Types of Travel Trailer Roofs

Even older travel trailers can be kept waterproof with regular preventative maintenance.

Rubber roofs are universally black in color; they consist of a single sheet of rubber or multiple sheets that have been joined together at seams, all laid over a timber substrate. This type of roofing became the norm in travel trailer manufacture in the mid-1990s, and is still used today. Elastomeric compounds were used in the same way on older units, but fell out of favor because they transpired to have poor UV resistance and experienced shrinkage. A third style of roofing is the "solid cap;" a hard roof made of metal or fiberglass that is manufactured in one piece and attached to the side curtains and support joists just like a lid on a bucket.

Types of Kool Seal Products

Kool Seal products are manufactured for different types of roofing material. It is imperative that the Kool Seal product you purchase is correct for your type of travel trailer roof. The elastomeric coatings are intended for metal, foam and aged aluminum substrates; the aluminum coatings are intended for metal, modified bitumen and rolled roofing material. In a pinch products manufactured for rubber roofs can be used on caps and elastomerics, but elastomeric repair compounds will not bond to rubber roofs.

Emergency Repairs

The company also manufactures a product called Kool Seal Patching Tape that work even in the wet. Cut off a length of tape as required, then press the tape into any crack or split that is allowing moisture ingression. If a hole has been made in the roof, perhaps by a falling branch or a shattered skylight or vent, place a panel of waterproof material -- cover a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil for an emergency repair -- over the hole, then seal around all the edges with Kool Seal tape.

Coating an Entire Travel Trailer Roof with Kool Seal

Observe all the instructions on the packaging regarding preparation, application, cleanup and curing times. Kool Seal coatings are usually better painted on in several thin coats than one thick coat; apply each coating parallel to the previous one, meaning that if the first coat is rolled from front to back, the second should be rolled from side to side. Do not thin the product, and use a soft brush or roller. Apply the coating evenly.