What Is a Nut Driver?

A nut driver is a hand-held tool used in a variety of household and commercial applications.


It is used to secure and undo a nut, which is a hexagonal fastener used in conjunction with a bolt. .

The end of the driver contains a hexagonal opening that slips over the nut, and when twisted by hand, uses the force of torsion to tighten or loosen nuts as necessary.


Nut drivers are made out of high-strength tempered steel and plastic. More expensive models often incorporate a rubber grip handle.


Aside from the standard hand-held type, nut drivers are available as steel drill bits that can be used with an electric drill.


Nut drivers are available in a range of standard sizes to fit different-sized nuts. Both metric and imperial sizing systems are used.


Nut drivers are used wherever nuts are present in machinery, including automotive mechanics, bicycle mechanics and household-white appliances.

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