How to Use a Makita Drill

C.L. Rease

Standard Makita variable speed reversible drills have three operating controls: the trigger, trigger lock, and a direction lever. The trigger controls the speed of the drill bit. When drilling through hard materials, slower speeds are necessary to extend the life of the drill bit.

Engaging the trigger lock allows you more comfort when drilling deep holes. The directional lever is an important control for reducing the amount of broken drill bits and material damaged from a jammed drill bit or fastener.

  1. Inspect the drill to familiarize yourself with the controls. The trigger will be located on the handle, directly below the drill body. Located near the trigger will be a small round button, which is the trigger lock. To find the directional lever, turn the drill upside down and look at the drill body directly in front of the trigger or on the bottom of the drill handle. After locating the direction lever, flip the lever to forward (F).

  2. Plug in an electrical drill or insert the battery for a cordless drill.

  3. Select a drill bit from the drill bit set.

  4. Hold the outside of the chuck and gently press the trigger to close the chuck around the drill bit.

  5. For a keyed chuck, insert the alignment pin of the chuck key into one of the three holes located on the chuck and turn the chuck key clockwise to lock in the drill bit. For a cordless chuch, hold the exterior of the chuck tightly and depress the trigger to lock in the drill bit.

  6. Secure the piece of 2-by-4 lumber in the vise.

  7. While wearing your safety glasses, place the tip of the drill bit on the wood and slowly depress the trigger of the drill.

  8. Push the directional lever to reverse (R) and depress the trigger to remove the drill bit from the wood.

  9. Inspect the drill before and after each use to ensure that none of the controls or components were damaged while you were using the drill.