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How to Remove the Chuck on a Craftsman Drill Press

Andrew Todd

Craftsman manufactures many types of power tools and lawn equipment. One of the power tools manufactured by the company is a drill press, which allows for quick and precise drilling of many different materials. Unlike a handyman's common hand-held drill, Craftsman drill presses are stationary: They're available as floor-supported models and table-top models. The drill bit is secured by a chuck that is loosened and tightened around the bit to hold it in place. If the chuck on your Craftsman drill press is damaged, you can remove it and install a new one.

  1. Turn off the drill press and unplug the machine.

  2. Turn the "Depth Scale" wheel, which is the three-pronged wheel above the chuck, to 3 inches.

  3. Rotate the chuck by hand so that the two keyholes are visible in the vertical opening in the spindle. The spindle is the piece located just above the chuck.

  4. Insert the key wedge into the keyholes. The key wedge is a proprietary tool included with the the Craftsman drill press. The key wedge is a piece of metal with two prongs on the end that fit snugly into the two holes.

  5. Place one hand below the chuck, then tap the key wedge lightly with a mallet until the chuck falls out of the spindle.