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What Type of Drill Bit to Drill Holes in Flatware?

William Zane

Crafters and do-it-yourselfers sometimes use flatware (silverware) to make wind chimes, jewelry, key chains and other items. Drilling holes in flatware is relatively straightforward, but you do need a few specific tools to get the job done the right way.

Metal Drill Bit

You will need a drill bit designed to drill through metal. A drill bit for wood will be too soft and may break during the drilling process. Hardware stores and larger retail stores carry metal drill bits. You can buy them individually or in sets that include drill bits of different diameters.

Other Tools Needed

An electric drill or a bench press (a drill mounted on a work surface) is also needed. A punch or a sharp metal object is helpful. A metal grinding tool or metal file can smooth any rough edges around the hole.

Drilling Flatware

Find a clear, flat work area if you are using an electric drill. If you are using a drill press, the drilling will be done on that. Place the tip of the punch in the center where the hole is to be drilled. Tap the punch with a hammer to make a small indentation. You can then use a C-clamp or similar clamp to hold the flatware in place while you drill the hole. Place a small drill bit in the drill. Carefully place the end of the bit in the indentation and drill the hole through the flatware. Use a slightly larger drill bit to enlarge the hole to the size you want. Use the metal grinding tool or a file to sand down any rough burrs or edges around the hole.

Safety Considerations

Eye protection is recommended in case any pieces of metal fly off while you are drilling. Ear protection may also be needed if the drill is loud. Gloves will protect your hands, and having a fire extinguisher handy is also a good idea.