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How to Remove a Bit From a Hilti TE24

Ashley Hay

The Hilti TE is a cordless screwdriver and hammer drill powered by a 24-volt battery. You can use a variety of different sized bits while using the drill. Various jobs require different size bits, so you will occasionally need to remove the current bit from the drill and insert a new bit.

Swapping out the bits only takes a few seconds and you can prevent damage to your projects by using the proper sized bit.

  1. Hold your Hilti drill in one hand.

  2. Locate the drill bit adapter that holds the drill bit into place. The drill bit adapter is also known as the “chuck.”

  3. Turn the end of the drill bit adapter, or chuck, counterclockwise until the drill bit adapter begins to expand around the drill bit.

  4. Pull the drill bit out from the drill bit adapter, using your fingers.