Can Tung Oil Be Used on Outside Furniture?

Tung oil comes from the seeds of trees in the Euphorbia family.


It has been used in paints and coatings for centuries. Tung oil is widely used today as a finish for wood furniture. .

Tung oil naturally polymerizes into a waterproof coating, which is durable and resistant to acids and abrasions.


Properly applied tung oil soaks into the wood and will not blister over time. It also will not mold or darken.

Historical Uses

Tung oil has been used in marine environments for years and is a major ingredient in marine varnish, which also is known as spar varnish.


The top layers of the polymerized tung oil may chalk off and turn dusty. As it ages, it can be brushed away, making it easy to prep for another layer.


Tung oil is suitable for use on outside furniture.

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