Types of Partitions in Interior Decorations

Interior design partitions are often used as dividers to separate different living areas of a home, for privacy purposes, or as decorative highlights in a room.

Partitions for Privacy

Partitions are made from many different materials including wood, glass, fabric, and paper. .

Partitions can be used to give a space a sense of privacy. A drawn curtain or decorative screen can be used for a sleeping and dressing area to separate it from a living area.

Dividing for Purpose

Designating between work space and living quarters can make a home more relaxing. For example, if you are able to see your cluttered desk piled with work from your bed, it may be difficult for you to relax at night and get to sleep. A divider for this purpose can be made by hinging wooden panels together and painting them in a favorite color with a special picture or design.


Styles can range from contemporary to international. A screen can add a decorative flair and reflect a theme. For example, a divider with an Asian design can set the theme for a room. A photo divider, similar to a collage picture frame, can make a statement sharing family memories through special photographs.

Hanging Screens

Old window screens and windows can make dividers by hanging them from the ceiling with large chains. They can have pictures or designs painted on them to create a homier atmosphere.


Dividers with three to four sections can be very portable for changing a room's arrangement and appearance. Attaching casters to the dividers can make rearranging an easier task.

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