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How to Hang Drapes on an Angle-Shaped Window

Shara JJ Cooper

Angled windows are made from unusual shapes. Some of them are cut at a 45-degree angle while others are made into hexagon shapes, and still others are used for bay windows. Covering these types of windows with drapery takes some creativity. If you hang the drapes in the wrong position, they will look out of place. Many angled windows are a focal point by themselves. Consider this when choosing window treatments. You want drapery that either accentuates the angled windows or can be pulled back to showcase them.

Step 1

Install a straight curtain rod across the highest part of the angled window so the entire window will be covered. Use floor-length drapes that extend at least 1 foot past each side of the window. With some windows, these drapes will take up most of the wall; it's better to hang the drapes wall to wall for an even, finished look. This will add color and texture to the room through the drapery and will also give you room to push the drapes to the side when you want to enjoy the windows.

Step 2

Use custom-ordered curtain rods cut to fit your particular windows. Install the rods on the inside of the window frame and use drapes custom made to hang neatly inside the window. Soft, light drapes, such as sheers, work best in this situation. The drapes will filter the light coming into the room while adding color and texture. You won't be able to tie them to the side easily but you can tie them in the center with a decorative sash to allow more light in.

Step 3

Install custom drapery tracks above the window. This tracks are installed into the ceiling and are bent or cut according to specifications by the manufacturer. They are quite flexible because you can use them above the window, along the window, or around arched or curved windows, such as bay windows. You can only hang a single layer of curtains on the tracks unless you install a second or double track. Choose tracks suited to the weight of drapery you are hanging. Some are designed for light or medium drapes and others work for heavy drapes.