What Is Zero Radius Sink?

A zero-radius sink is a type of kitchen sink with perfectly square interior corners, rather than the rounded corners you see on most rectangular kitchen sinks. Many zero-radius sinks also have a flat--rather than sloped--bottom.


The corners of a typical rectangular kitchen sink are quarter-circles.  The larger the radius of the circle, the more "round" the corner appears.

When the corner is a 90-degree angle, there is no circle and therefore no radius, hence the name "zero-radius" A true zero-radius sink has all 90-degree angles, so it looks like a box. 


Zero-radius sinks are usually made of stainless steel.  They are almost always under-mounted--attached to the bottom of the countertop rather than dropped in with a rim that rests on top of the counter, which is how most kitchen sinks are mounted.


Zero-radius sinks give a kitchen a professional look.  They offer plenty of room for food preparation and cleanup.

Flat-bottomed models allow you to stack a lot of dishes with less risk of them tipping. 


Sharp zero-radius corners are harder to clean than rounded corners, which you can easily swipe with a sponge.  Flat-bottomed models might not drain very well.

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