Cabinet Knobs Vs. Pulls

Today's cabinet knobs and pulls offer a dizzying array of metals, finishes, styles and uses. The sheer volume of choices can be daunting. Knobs and pulls have their own pros and cons; sift through the facts and make your choice an educated one.


The decorative hardware you choose has great effect on style.

Cabinet knobs offer more styles than cabinet pulls.  Knobs may be simple round or square metal shapes, or sport fanciful objects and colors such as orange starfish, striped elephants or multifaceted, bejeweled glass in magnificent splendor.

Cabinet pulls are not to be outdone, with some fashioned as sticks, ribbons and geometric bars. 


Cabinet pulls are generally easier to manage than knobs.  Some people may have difficulty grasping knobs.

However, pulls with extended material sticking out from the sides may catch loose clothing. 


Cabinet pulls are larger and are comprised of more material than knobs; therefore, pulls are comparatively more expensive than knobs.  However, heavily decorated knobs are typically more expensive than simple pulls.


Cabinet pulls require more attention and labor than knobs for installation.  Knobs use one screw; pulls use two.

Pulls must be installed level with the cabinet, or else the pulls will look sloppy and uneven. 


The choice between knobs or pulls relies upon the decor and functionality of the room.  Knobs are a beautiful accent for the traditional home and for simple design.

Pulls are extremely functional and user-friendly, but are more expensive.  An effective compromise is to blend the hardware: using knobs for the upper cabinets, and pulls for the base cabinets.

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