Can I Run Two Freezers on One Power Strip?

While plugging a freezer into a power strip may be convenient in some situations, plugging even one freezer, much less two, into a power strip is a dangerous idea.

Fire Hazards

Although it may be convenient to use a power strip for freezers, it is dangerous.Although it may be convenient to use a power strip for freezers, it is dangerous.
Freezers and other large appliances should plug directly into the wall.

Large appliances pull a large amount of electricity to run. Electricity creates heat and heat can lead to fire. Additionally, inadequate wiring in a power strip can lead to power strip shorts and failures. Fire professionals suggest that you not use power strips or extension cords for major appliances.

Overburdened Circuits

Electricians recommend having a dedicated circuit for each major appliance. If you run two freezers on a single circuit, through a power strip or in wall sockets, you can easily overload the circuit. An overloaded circuit may trip, causing your freezers to turn off and ruin all of the food in them.

Spread the Electrical Load

Electricians suggest spreading the electrical demand around a home. Each circuit in the home is configured only to handle 20 amps. Spreading the load around the house will greatly decrease the chances of fires and appliance failure.

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