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How to Hide Cords in the Bathroom

Owen E. Richason IV

The bathroom may be the one place homeowners often make no attempt to hide unsightly, tangled appliance cords. From hair dryers to electric shavers, these cords look like spaghetti noodles hanging from the bathroom vanity. However, you can organize your bathroom and conceal those cords. Before you know it, your bathroom will be free of clutter.

Step 1

Purchase a wall-mounted or countertop bathroom organizer with its own concealed power strip. Place the organizer on the vanity or hang it on the wall, and put your personal care items inside. It will neatly hide all the cords and free up space.

Step 2

Buy a cable/cord organizer that wraps around the various cords. These organizers can be purchased at most home goods stores and home improvement stores. Simply wrap the cable/cord organizer around the cords. Choose an organizer that matches your bathroom vanity for better blending.

Step 3

Put a power strip a vanity drawer, and tuck the cords into the drawer when not in use. You can buy power strips at any home improvement store or hardware store. Select a power strip with at least as many outlets as you have personal care items. Plug the strip into a nearby outlet, and place it at the back of a drawer in the vanity so only one cord is visible when you're not using your electric grooming items.

Step 4

Hide the cords behind the back or side of the vanity, if possible. Line up your grooming tools on the side or back of the vanity, and let the cords dangle between the wall and vanity to conceal them.

Step 5

Use home and bath decor to your advantage. You can conceal cords behind plants, tabletop mirrors, and other decorative items. Arrange the cords so they neatly fall behind bath decor where they cannot be seen.