How to Hide Washer & Dryer Hoses

Angela Baird

Exposed washer and dryer hoses can clutter the look of an otherwise tidy laundry room.

Unsightly hoses and hook-ups can make a laundry room look messy.

Although some choose to conceal entire appliances, hoses and all, in cabinets or behind curtains, you could instead take a more unconventional route to tidying up the laundry room that does not require major construction or remodeling.


Be sure that when hanging a curtain it does not interfere with any vents or electrical outlets.

  1. Tuck the hoses out of sight. You may not be able to entirely conceal the part of the hose that goes into the wall as this depends on the height of the appliances and the location of the utility hook-ups.

  2. Change the length of the hoses to help with hose concealment. Hoses that are too long for the space available have nowhere to hide and the extra length serves no purpose. You may purchase new hoses from your hardware store that are made to the length you desire.

  3. Hang some artwork if you have cabinets overhead. Screw in a hook on the underside of the cabinet, about 10 inches from the wall. Hang a picture that matches the d├ęcor of the room using a bit of twine. Adjust the length of twine so that the picture hangs in such a way as to hide the hoses.

  4. Hang a colorful curtain against the wall so that it falls between the back of the appliances and the wall. The hoses can then be hidden behind the curtain, which acts as a backdrop. While it is common to conceal the entire unit behind curtains, using the curtain as a backdrop to the appliances is a fresh approach, and eliminates having to move the curtain aside to access the washer or dryer.