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Closet Rod Size

Steve Smith

Closet rod size is a vital part of designing or building a closet because it determines how much room there is to hang clothes. Since a closet is made to store all your clothes, it helps to have a realistic idea about how many clothes a rod will hang. Take this into consideration before you finalize your design plans.

Standard Closet Rod Sizes

There are no set standards for closet rod size, however there are typical sizes. Many front access closets span 8 feet, and so does the closet rod. This is a large size for a closet rod but it provides ample space to hang clothing. Smaller closets range in size from six to four feet and the rods extend all the way across the closet. This is a suitable size for one person. It is generally accepted that a person uses about 4 feet of closet rod space to hang all of his. This varies, however, from person to person. Rods are usually hung at 45 inches from the floor. For longer garments, rods are hung at 60 or 65 inches.

Stacking Closet Rods

An alternative to having a single rod that spans the entire width of the closet is to stack the rods, or place one rod on top of the other. This doubles the amount of clothes hanging space in any closet. It reduces the amount of storage area over and above the rods however. Typically, this arrangement is used along with shelves stacked in the space beside the rods. Double rods are usually 34 to 48 inches long but may be up to 10 or 12 feet long. The rods stack at a height of 80 and 40 inches along the back wall, providing space to hang shirts and pants comfortably.

Closet Rod Diameters

Most closet rods are 1 1/4 inches wide. This standard diameter gives the rod stability and prevents bending under heavy loads. A wood rod of this diameter is typically supported by a bracket every 34 inches. Angle brackets that mount to the back wall extend forward to support a closet rod that is 1 1/4 inches wide. Metal closet rods are stronger and sized between 1 3/8 inches and 1 1/4 inches as well. The thicker rods are for heavy duty use and hang heavier clothing like sweaters and suits.

Closet Rod Space for Types of Clothing

Certain types of clothing require different sized rods. For instance, pants and shirts require about an inch of hanging space (horizontal rod length) while suits require more. Five suits require rougly 12 inches of rod length to allow plenty of space between them. Suits also require 38 inches of vertical hanging space, while pants need 44 inches if hung from the waistband. A woman's skirt needs 36 inches of space while shoes take up 6 inches of width and 9 inches of length.