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How Wide Are Front Load Washing Machines?

Jule Pamplin

The width of your new front-loading washing machine will help determine if you have enough space in your laundry are to accommodate the unit and accompanying dryer. The standard width for front-loaders is 27 inches, however there are models available from various manufacturers that can fit into smaller spaces.

Front-loading washing machines come in a range of sizes and load capacities.

You will compromise smaller load capacity for unit width no matter the brand you choose.


The Whirlpool high-efficiency front-loading washing machines come in a variety of trims and colors. Each of the washers is 27 inches wide regardless of the capacity. While other manufacturers include a compact front-loading model, Whirlpool has 11 current front-loaders categorized as "full size."


All of the Bosch front-loading washing machines have a width of 27 inches. You can choose from the 800, 500 and 300 series machines for features and setting but the 4.4 cubic feet capacity and unit size remains the same throughout the product line.


Maytag makes three sizes of front-loading washing machines of varying load capacities. Each of the front-loaders is 27 inches wide. The smallest model stands 36 inches tall while each of the two larger capacity units are 38 inches tall.

LG Front-Loading

LG's front-loading washing machine product line-up has units of varying size and load capacity. Included in the product line are three models that work as washer/dryer combination units. The smallest capacity LG washer handles loads up to 2.7 cubic feet and has a unit width of 24 inches.

The larger models all sit at 27 inches wide. The two smaller washer/dryer combos have a load capacity of 2.7 cubic feet and a width of 24 inches while the sole large capacity combo unit is 27 inches wide with a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet.