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The Capacity of a Maytag MAH3000AWW

Jonathan Langdon

The Maytag Neptune is a front-loading clothes washer that has been cheered and jeered since it became available in 1998. Some people claim it is prone to mold while others have used their unit for decades without issue.

Unit Capacity

The Maytag Neptune can hold up to 3.1 cubic feet of laundry. Overfilling the washer can cause spillage and impair its ability to wash clothes.

Spin Speed

The tumbler of the Maytag Neptune can rotate at a rate between 47 and 51 rotations per minute on normal settings. The unit can reach 800 rotations per minute on high speed spin.

Water Level and Usage

The wash cycle of the Maytag Neptune adds between three and four inches of water to the tumbler while the rinse cycle adds between four to five inches. The unit uses about 25 gallons of water per laundry load.

Unit Dimensions

The cabinet of the Maytag Neptune is 36 inches tall, 27 inches wide and sticks out 27.5 inches from the wall. The unit weighs 190 pounds out of its crate.

Electrical Usage

The motor of the Maytag Neptune requires 150 watts of electricity for the wash cycle, 175 watts during the rinse cycle and up to 800 watts during high-speed spin.