Instructions for the Mainstays Custom Closet Kit

Katie Tonarely

A cluttered closet can add stress to your morning routine. Keeping clothes organized and neat is no easy task, but if you have a closet with a rod, simplify organization by adding a Mainstays Custom Closet Organizer Kit. This system adds hanging space and shelves to store all your clothing items.

The Mainstays organizer works with closet rods that are at least 60 inches off the ground.

Whether your closet is large or small, the expandable system should work in it.


The Mainstays Custom Closet Organizer Kit only works with a closet space that already has a rod. If you need to add space to an area without one, consider purchasing a freestanding closet organizer. It has a top rod that can be used to hang items. For the organizer to work properly, the closet’s original rod needs to be 60 to 72 inches from the ground.


Don’t hang too many heavy items on the closet organizer, as the plastic could break with too much pressure.

  1. Attach the three vertical rods to your existing closet rod. These are the longest pieces in the kit. They have clamps on top, and a stopper on the bottom to grip the closet’s floor. The clamps open up to grab the closet rod. Because the kit is expandable for closets anywhere from 3 to 8 feet, you can place the rods as close to one another as you’d like.

  2. Clip the two horizontal rods where you would like them to go. Typically, you place one on each side of the organization system. If it’s a closet for storing baby or child clothes, though, placing both horizontal rods on one side could free up the other side for shelves alone. Move the horizontal rods around until you find a configuration that works well with your clothing items.

  3. Clip the two shelves where you will be able to fold the most items while still taking advantage of the horizontal rods for hanging items. The shelves are expandable so you can make them as long or short as needed.