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How to Fix a Washing Machine Drain Hose

Nathan McGinty

Since their introduction in the 1920s, washing machines have quickly become a fixture in most American homes. These machines hold a laundry tub where the clothes to be cleaned are placed. Water and soap are mixed in the machine as it cleans the clothes, and then this water is pumped out and into your home's sewer system through a drain hose. Occasionally these hoses can leak or tear, in which case, you should fix your washing machine drain hose to prevent a basement or laundry room full of water.

Fix your washing machine hose in time for laundry day.
  1. Unplug the washing machine from the outlet. This will help prevent accidental shock.

  2. Pull the washer away from the wall so that you can work behind it. Give yourself plenty of room so you can examine the hose and drain properly.

  3. Dry off the hose and examine it. Look for any bends or holes in the hose. These result when the hose is bent or kinked.

  4. Repair any leaks with waterproof tape. There are many different types of waterproof tape. Follow manufacturer's instructions in wrapping the leak spot with the tape.

  5. Ensure that the end of the washing machine drain hose is securely placed in the drain pipe opening. Secure the end of the drain hose in the pipe with a plastic cable tie or piece of wire.

  6. Push the washer back into place, making sure that you don't bend or kink the hose. Plug the washer back in.