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How to Replace Doors on a Kitchen Cabinet With Curtains

Bronwyn Timmons

Whether you are looking to replace your kitchen cabinet doors because they are damaged or because you want a more unique, retro look, curtains can easily replace the doors in your kitchen. Hanging curtains on your kitchen cabinets will make the space look more inviting and give the room style and personality. The process of replacing cabinet doors with curtains is very easy and can be done using basic home improvement supplies.

Replace Doors on a Kitchen Cabinet With Curtains
  1. Remove the doors from the cabinets by unscrewing the hinges from the cabinet frame. Twist the screwdriver in a counter-clockwise fashion to loosen the screws. Pull both the door and the hinge off of the cabinet frame and set them to the side.

  2. Measure to find the horizontal distance across each cabinet using the tape measure. These measurements will tell you how long the curtain rod needs to be for each of the cabinets.

  3. Measure to find the vertical distance from the top to the bottom of each cabinet. These measurements will tell you how long each curtain needs to be to cover each cabinet.

  4. Purchase or make curtains in the style you want to use to cover your kitchen cabinets. The length of the curtains should be the same as the vertical measurement, and the width should be several inches longer than the horizontal measurement to allow bunching. The color you choose for your curtains should coordinate with the color scheme of your kitchen.

  5. Slide the curtains onto the curtain rods. If you are installing curtains with a rod pocket along the top, simply slide the end of the rod through the end of the pocket and pull until all of the fabric is on the rod. If you are installing tab-top curtains, thread the end of the rod through each of the folded tabs.

  6. Mark the spots where the curtains will be installed on each cabinet. Firmly press a screw into the wood on each side of the cabinet to create a dent. Use a tape measure to make sure that the marks are lined up correctly.

  7. Install the rods on each cabinet. Line the flat edge of the curtain rod up so the holes are above the dents you created and screw the rods into place. Twist the screwdriver in a clockwise fashion to tighten the screws.

  8. Pull the curtains gently to arrange them so that they are bunched in a way that you find visually pleasing.