How to Hang Curtain Panels From the Ceiling

Kathryn Hatter

There are several uses for hanging curtain rods from the ceiling. In some instances, curtains hanging from the ceiling can be an effective way to partition a room and add privacy. A curtain hanging from the ceiling is also a lovely way to create a canopy bed treatment above a bed without a frame.

Hang curtain from the ceiling to decorate or create privacy in a room.

Hanging the curtain rods is the most difficult part, but once installed the rest is quite easy and fast. This is a project that most people with a few simple carpentry skills can accomplish.

  1. Plan where the curtains will be hung. Measure the desired area for the curtains. Ceiling mount brackets should be placed approximately every 5 feet along the ceiling. Consider the weight of the curtains to be hung. If the weight is substantial (drapery weight fabric, for instance) consider using hardware that utilizes anchors in the ceiling to support the weight of the curtains.

  2. Make small marks with a pencil where the bracket hardware will be attached.

  3. Drill through the ceiling at the marks. Use a step stool to reach the ceiling and ask for help from a helper if necessary.

  4. Slide the rods into the brackets and attach clip rings onto the rods.

  5. Assess the curtains. If using standard pinch-pleat curtains and the curtains are to hang freely from the ceiling, it may be necessary to add a panel to the bottom of the curtains to make the curtains reach the floor. The panel should be cut out of a complementary fabric and cut to match the width of the curtains. Attach the panel to the bottom of the curtain. If the curtains are to hang around a bed to create a canopy, it will not be necessary to add a panel to make them reach the floor.

  6. Decide if you want the wrong side of the curtain to be visible. If not, make a double-sided curtain by hanging two layers of curtains with the wrong sides together.

  7. Hang the curtains from the clip rings every 5 to 7 inches depending on the weight of the drapery fabric. Adjust the curtains along the rod to make them smooth and even.