The Length of Cords for Dryers

Chad Buleen

When you install a dryer in your home, it is usually important that you have the dryer somewhat close to the dryer outlet. In addition to needing to plug in the dryer into the wall outlet, you also must connect the exhaust hose from the dryer to the exhaust vent. Because there are two connections that connect your dryer to the wall, you will not be able to properly use the dryer if the appliance is not close enough to the connections.

Typical Cord Length

The standard size for the length of a dryer cord is 6 feet long. This, however, does not mean that your dryer should be 6 feet from your wall outlet. If you make the cord extend to its full length across a room, it will prove to be a hazard. You should keep the dryer as close as possible to the wall, thus allowing for the cord to be neatly tucked away behind the appliance instead of across the room.

Other Lengths

Many hardware stores, home improvement retailers and online businesses will sell you dryer cords that are slightly longer than the cord that is installed on your dryer when you purchase it. You can find 8-foot cords as well as 10-foot cords. Of course, if you want to use either of these cords, you must remove the currently installed cord and instead install one of these cords.

Extension Cord

Due to the fact that your dryer needs to be plugged into a specially designed three-prong or four-prong receptacle, there aren't many options when it comes to using an extension cord. You may be able to find a small extension cord that works with your dryer cord, but most dryer manufacturers recommend that you do not use extension cords with their appliances because the extension cords may dilute the amount of energy that reaches the dryer. Less energy supplied may cause the dryer to not spin as well.

Exhaust Hose Length

When choosing an exhaust hose to connect your dryer to the exhaust outlet, you must choose a hose that is long enough to comfortably reach the vent, but not so long that it becomes a hindrance. A typical size for this hose is about 8 feet long, although longer and shorter hoses are also available. Keeping your dryer as close as possible to the exhaust vent allows you to avoid an exhaust hose strewn across the room.