What Is a Broadloom Meter?

The term broadloom refers to carpeting. Broadloom meter is the basic unit of measurement for pricing and selling carpeting. Whereas tile and other floor coverings are sold by the square foot or square meter, carpeting is usually sold by the broadloom meter.

Broadloom Meter Area

A broadloom meter is the basic unit of measure for broadloom carpet.

Because carpeting jobs cover different sizes of floor area, carpet is usually sold in the most practical width possible, that being 366 meters.  The area of a broadloom meter is therefore 1 meter by 366 meters, or 366 square meters.

Coverting to Square Feet

Converted for feet, 366 meters equals 12 feet, and one meter equals 328 feet.  A broadloom meter of 1 by 366 meters would therefore equal 328 by 12 feet, or 3936 square feet.

Covering a Two-Bedroom Apartment

Suppose you wanted to install carpeting in the living room and bedrooms of your two-bedroom apartment.  Assuming your master bedroom measures 15 by 11 feet (165 square feet), your second bedroom measures 10 by 10 feet (100 square feet) and your living room measures 18 by 14 feet (252 square feet).

You would need a total of 517 square feet for the job.  Divide by 3936 to find that you will need 13135 broadloom meters.

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