What Is a Tile Flange?

A tile flange is used on the outer, upper rim of a hot tub, jacuzzi, shower or bathtub to prevent water from spilling over the side and onto the floor or against a wall.


Tile flanges extend the outer rim of a tub a few inches higher. Installation of a tile flange is not complex, though it is usually easier to install during the initial tub installation.


If water drips over the rim of a jacuzzi, hot tub, bathtub or shower, over time it can rot wood and cause mildew and bacteria to form. This can cause significant damage to an area and require extensive work to fix. If a tub is pressed against one or more walls, a tile flange should be installed to prevent water from dripping against the walls or floor.


Tile flanges come in many different shapes and sizes. To match a specific project, tile flanges can be made out of plastic, stone, porcelain or almost anything a specific hot tub, bathtub or jacuzzi is made out of. While a tile flange can clutter a tub area, some tile flanges can enhance the cosmetic appearance of a tub area.

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