How Often Should a Person Use a Sauna?

Saunas offer relaxation and health benefits if a person does not overdo it, especially if they are sauna novices. Spending too much time in a sauna is not good for the body and can present health risks.


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Saunas are generally without health risks, but people with high blood pressure, who are on medications or who have heart disease should consult a doctor before using saunas.  Saunas are also not recommended for children or the elderly.

Recommend Time

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A 10- to 20-minute session is the right amount of time to spend in a sauna or steam room.  In this period, a body can work up a good amount of sweat. Experienced sauna users can spend more time in a sauna, but beginners should not exceed the 10- to 20-minute range. 


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Any one who spends too much time in a sauna or steam room, runs the risk of becoming dehydrated or overheated and may faint after exiting the sauna.  Individuals should drink plenty of water before, during and after using a sauna for this reason.

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