Job Description for a Home Repair Person

Home repair persons provide residential maintenance services and fix household appliances and structures. According to PayScale.com, a home repair person in 2010 in the United States earned an annual salary of between $29,955 and $55,534.

Job Duties

Painting can be part of a home repair person's job.

A home repair worker repairs and maintains residential structures and systems. Analyzing structural, plumbing, electrical and ventilation malfunctions and correcting them are significant parts of the job. Preparing bids and estimates for customers is required.

Skill Requirements

A general knowledge of basic home repairs and solutions is necessary. Analytical abilities help the repair person quickly assess problems and devise practical solutions. Time management skills enable completion of multiple jobs in defined time periods. Skills in using hand and small power tools are helpful.

Preferred Background

No formal educational requirements exist for the job. Letters of reference from satisfied customers help build the credibility of home repair persons. A background in home maintenance or repair is an asset.

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