How Do Power Flush Tiolets Work?

A power flush toilet is also called a pressure-assisted toilet. These toilets operate differently than the popular gravity toilets with regards to the flushing systems.


Water enters the power flush toilet and is forced into an air-filled pressure tank. When the toilet is flushed, the compressed air rushes the water into the bowl to flush the bowl contents down the drain.


Power flush toilets have stronger flushing strength than other toilets such as gravity toilets and vacuum-assisted toilets. They require less maintenance because they clog less often, creating an ideal match for larger families in which the toilet will be used more often. Also, because water is not held directly against the toilet's ceramic tank inner walls, the tank will sweat very little, if at all, unlike gravity toilets.


The major drawback of a power flush toilet is the noisy flush. Also, power flush toilets require between 20 to 25 pounds per square inch of water pressure to operate optimally, compared to the 10 pounds per square inch of water pressure needed by gravity toilets.

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