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What Is Schedule 10 Steel Pipe?

Les Moore
Schedule 10 pipe is commonly available in galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Schedule 10 iron pipe is a thin-wall pipe. Its use is for low pressure and low corrosion applications. Even with low corrosion activity, a schedule 10 iron pipe will deteriorate quicker than a higher schedule pipe.

Pipe Schedules

Pipe Schedules are a size standard manufacturers make pipes to. Pipe schedules range between 5 and 160. Wall thickness and the inside diameter (ID) determine the pipe schedule.

Wall Thickness

A schedule 10 pipe has a thinner wall and larger ID than other pipe schedules with the same outside diameter (OD). Thin-wall pipe is another name for schedule 10 because it has thinner walls. It is easier to bend than higher schedules.


Thin-wall iron pipes are widely used for fire sprinkler applications. The fluid is not under high pressure which makes a lightweight pipe a good choice for this application.