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Black Iron Pipe Uses

A black iron pipe is a form of steel pipe that is less expensive and more malleable than other iron pipes. It has a black oxide scale on its surface, providing its name. Black iron pipes are popular in homes since they are both heat- and water-resistant, making them a good choice for plumbing and gas lines.

Black iron pipes have advantages over others, including price.

Propane Lines

A propane line is the line that runs between the house and the gas tank. Black iron pipe threads are used because of their high heat resistance. They are cut with a slight taper and are sometimes known as national pipe taper.

Water Pipes

Black iron pipes are resistant to water damage, making them a popular choice for water pipe lines. Black iron pipes are less widely used than they were a few decades ago, as they have now been replaced by regular steel pipes which are less prone to leaking and are more durable. However they are still less expensive than regular steel pipes and, with the right maintenance, can be used effectively.


Black iron pipes can be used as a heat transporter for a house heating system. They are both heat resistant and conductive and can therefore transport heat well.