What Is a Toto Toilet?

Toto is the world's leading manufacturer of plumbing fixtures and products. The company produces toilets, urinals, lavatories, faucets and valves designed to provide quality performance and optimal energy and water conservation.

Toilet Design

Toto makes toilets with advanced flushing systems.

Toto toilets are designed to provide optimum water savings through exemplary one-flush execution. Their toilet models match various decors and settings and are available with one of four flushing system options.

Double Cyclone

This toilet bowl uses two nozzles that shoot water underneath the bowl's rim and then propel the water into the exit pipe for a more intense flush.

E-Max Features

An extra-wide flush valve combined with an over-sized siphon jet enables this toilet to flush clean while providing substantial water savings and quiet processing.

Dual Max Functions

This double-flush model has an adjustable water usage system to meet specific customer needs and preferences.

G-Max Description

The large flush valve, glazed trapway and oversize siphon jet on this style provide quiet, forceful flushes that resist clogging and resurgence of flushed materials.

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