What Are the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Products?

Using eco-friendly products benefits the consumer, the community and the planet. Our natural and financial resources are important enough to start making more eco-friendly purchases for our families, businesses and government.

Cost Savings

Filtered water pitchers save money on bottled water and reduce waste in landfills.

Some eco-friendly products benefit consumers by saving them money. Energy-efficient appliances reduce the use of natural resources while lowering energy and utility bills. Products made with minimal packaging may be smaller and/or lighter, which may reduce their up-front cost. Other products, such as water-filtering pitchers, reduce the need for future purchases of more expensive products like bottled water.

Job Creation and National Security

Consuming eco-friendly products and services helps to stimulate the creation of new jobs in emerging industries. Some examples of eco-friendly products that are connected to new technologies are cars fueled by electricity and home energy systems that use wind and solar energy. These types of products reduce Americans' dependency on foreign oil, which increases our political and financial independence.

Environmental Protection

Choosing eco-friendly products helps to protect the environment. Such products include those made with post-consumer recycled materials or chemicals that do not release harmful substances into the air. These products offer multiple benefits, including protecting the planet's atmosphere and fresh water supplies.