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Are Persimmon Trees Good for Firewood?

Jack Burton

The persimmon tree is naturally distributed throughout the lower-Midwest and southern areas of the United States. This medium-sized tree is prized for its sweet-smelling spring flowers that attract honeybees and its delicious, golden fruit each fall.

Excellent Firewood

Deer enjoy persimmons as much as people do.

The persimmon is considered an excellent firewood, with a heat output towards the higher end. With little smoke and few sparks, persimmon wood is a welcome addition to the fireplace.

Splitting and Drying

Persimmon wood should be cut and split at least a year before using. Letting it dry two or three years allows it to burn even hotter and more cleanly.

Important to Wildlife

The persimmon fruit is important to wild animals as a source of nutritious food. Deer and other animals depend upon it for their fall forage. A damaged or unhealthy persimmon should be removed from the land, but there are other acceptable woods that can substitute for firewood without removing a productive fruit tree.