Homemade Sliding Gate Plans

Mike Evans

Making your own sliding gate can save you money and time shopping for the gate that best suits your preferences. By finding a plan that suits your unique interests, you can be sure your sliding gate will complement your home nicely. Plans are widely available on the Internet.


Sliding gates include a range of metal and wood components. These include the fixed fence, sliding fence, trolley, fixed post, springs, hinge, motor and switch (if automatic) and screw drive track.


Homemade sliding gate plans typically include a scaled diagram of the gate's components and how they fit together. These include measurements of metal fence segments and wood segments, as well as the angles at which the parts must be connected together. Step-by-step instruction topics include the latch design, preparing the grade for the track, installing the track and determining the gate height, making the gate and end stop, installing the gate, and fitting the latch and guide rollers.

Availability and Cost

Homemade sliding gate plans are available from a multitude of websites. As of March 2011, they are typically available free of charge.