How to Make a Chair Seat Out of Men's Ties

Ren Hanson

Seats on dining room chairs can wear out easily. A quick and relatively inexpensive way to replace the seat cushions is to use men's ties. Ties are colorful, beautiful pieces of fabric that when woven together can make your chair into a truly unique piece of furniture.

Covering a chair seat with neckties

You can use old neck ties to dress up a chair.

Step 1

Carefully remove seat from chair.

Step 2

Lay 1/2 of the ties down on a flat surface next to each other, alternating narrow end to wide end.

Step 3

Once you have placed the ties in a pleasing pattern, pin the ties together with the safety pins. This will make it easier to work with them once you start weaving.

Step 4

Weave the reserved ties up and down through the pinned ties, again alternating narrow and wide ends. When you have completely woven through all the ties, pin these ties with more safety pins. This is now a woven mat of ties.

Step 5

Place the seat cushion down on the pinned woven mat.

Step 6

Pull the woven mat securely around the seat cushion and mark it with pins two-to-three inches from the edge on the bottom side of the seat.

Step 7

Sew the woven tie mat together to keep the ties in place with a long running stitch along the pinned underside edge.

Step 8

Remove all pins.

Step 9

Place the woven tie mat around the seat cushion, staple it in place with the staple gun. Start with one staple in the middle on one side and then go to the middle of the opposite side, pulling the tie mat taut. Then proceed to the alternate sides.

Step 10

After all four sides are tacked in place, staple around the edge of the woven tie mat to secure it to the chair.

Step 11

Cut off any excess tie material.

Step 12

Affix the seat cushion back onto the chair and nail in place with either the nail gun or the hammer and nails.