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How to Take a Smell Off of Your Hands

Mary Ylisela

Strong odors from cooking, smoking or diaper-changing can linger on your hands, even after you've thoroughly washed them. While these offensive smells eventually wear off, you don't necessarily want to endure stinky hands. Repeated washing with soap can mitigate the smell but may not remove it entirely.

Sometimes washing hands isn't enough to remove strong odors.

Natural supplies found around the home are effective at getting rid of the olfactory evidence that you've been slicing fresh onions.

    Coffee grounds act as an odor absorber and neutralizer.
  1. Pour coffee grounds into the palm of one dry hand. Place your palms together and rub the dry coffee grounds all over your hands, including between the fingers. Coffee grounds help remove stinky odors from your hands.

  2. Brush the coffee grounds off your hands. Pour undiluted white vinegar into a bowl large enough to soak your hands in. Soak your hands in the undiluted vinegar for a few minutes to remove odors.

  3. Rinse your hands with plain, warm water. Place 2 tsp. baking soda into the palm of your hands and rub your hands together the way you would when washing with soap. Rub the baking soda all over the palms, tops and between your fingers.

  4. Soft, absorbent towels soak up moisture effectively.
  5. Hold your hands under warm water to wash away the baking soda. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

  6. Tip

    Wear rubber kitchen gloves when handling smelly foods like onions and garlic. Rub lemon slices can also be used to remove offensive odors, if you have some handy. Rub them against the skin. Wash your hands with toothpaste, instead of soap, if the steps provided fail to remove the odor.