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How to Remove Stains From Hulling Pecans

Stacy D. Cooper

Shucking pecans without gloves allows the yellow sap to oxidize on hands and turn them dark brown or black. Unfortunately while you can lighten the the shade of the stain by using an abrasive like lava soap or Comet, there is nothing that will remove it.

The Louisiana State University Agricultural Center estimates that it will take one to two weeks for the stain to wear off. Speed the time it takes for the stain to wear off your hands by working your bare hands in soil. It will help wear off the outer, stained layers of skin.

  1. Scoop up dirt from your yard with your bare hands.

  2. Dump it into a bucket.

  3. Rub the soil all over your hands, focusing on the stained areas.

  4. Squeeze the dirt in the palms of your hands.

  5. Shove your hands into the soil and pull them out repeatedly.

  6. Wash your hands.