How to Get Chemicals Off Your Hands

Alexander Callos

If you do not properly wear gloves and are not careful, chemicals can get on your hands. These chemicals can sometimes be very difficult to remove. There are many different types of chemicals, including ammonia and phenol.

Ammonia is a dangerous chemical.

These can have a damaging affect on your body and if your hands come into contact with these chemicals, they must be cleaned immediately to avoid further problems.

  1. Run your hands under warm water and get them completely wet. Set a small glass on a table and pour in equal amounts vinegar and lemon juice. Stir the two together with a spoon.

  2. Pour the lemon juice mixture on your hands over the sink and rub over the entire surface, just like you are soaping your hands. Turn on the warm water and rinse your hands thoroughly, until all of the ammonia has been completely removed from your skin.

  3. Turn off the water and dry your hands with a clean towel. Inspect your hands and verify there is no ammonia remaining on your skin.

  4. Wash your hands thoroughly with dish soap and water, whether ammonia remains or not. Pour a heavy amount of soap over your hands and wash them thoroughly with the soap. Scrub gently and remove any remaining traces of the ammonia.